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Motion Sensor Motion Sensors

Introducing the perfect wall mount for those who want to add motion sensor to their home now also! Thisicator has been designed with an easy to use interface and easy to set up! The built in motion sensor ensures safety and convenience for your family, and with our detector you can set up an even more secure security.

Buy Motion Sensor Motion Sensors

This is a motion sensor garden security light that can be used to monitor the weather, make motion flashes during the night time and turn on/off power to vinyl siding while they are beingailed.
This is a motion sensor infrareddetector switch for use in security applications. The switch can be used to detect motion in an outside wall light and generate a warning signal to indicate so. The switch also includes a led security light that can be placed outside the home for visual detection.
This motion detector is all about the functionality. It works with any led flood light that has a pir intoon or greater distance. With this device, you can detect motion up to 2200ft away. The detector is a simple, the detector is a simple, easy to use, and durable device that is perfect for those long walks andazoning. The detector can detect any type of motion, including:
-Pir (periodic ir motion.